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Seedlip Harvest 36

Client: Seedlip

Shot for the launch of Seedlip Autumn.


Chivas Icebreaker serve

Client  – Chivas Regal

New Icebreaker serve from Chivas Regal.

Greenall’s Gin

Shot for the launch of the new 1 litre bottle for travel retail.

Don Papa Rum

Gordon’s Gin

Client: Diageo/ Gordon’s Gin




Client: Pampero Rum

Agency: Mullen Lowe

Art Direction: Gary Majoram (more…)

Johnnie Walker/ Asprey

Client: Johnnie Walker

7 of these beauties were made by Asprey and are on sale in Harrods for 8k each.


Remy Martin

Client: Remy Martin



Client: The Macallan

Agency: Scotch + Limon







Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Client: Diageo/ Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Agency: RPM

Art Direction: Ryan Thomas

Creatives: Kim Briggs and Sarah Geldhart

Account Director: Alice Libaudiere

Direct descendants of Johnnie Walker himself were asked to model for the JW Father’s Day campaign.



Client: Martini

Agency: AMV BBDO

Creative: Richard O’Conner

Account Handler: Kirstie Johnstone

Shot over 9 days in Mallorca for ABL and BTL advertising. Each image was shot in layers for portrait and 96 sheet crops, with and without models, 2 or more serves on each file for Martini and Martini & Rossi.


Bloom Gin

Client: Bloom Gin

Agency: Quintessential Brands

Account: Amanda Moorhouse/ Kate Harrison

Key visuals for the new Bloom Gin packaging and signature serves.


Haig Club Limited Edition

Client: Haig Club

Agency: Love Creative

Art Direction: Paul Shipley

Account Manager: Alistair Hitchen



Client: Schweppes

Agency: Epoch Design

Creative: Chris Yeates

Senior Account Manager: Ben Brown


Plymouth Gin

Client: Plymouth Gin

Shot at the Beefeater distillery, Kennington with Plymouth Gin brand ambassador Seb Hamilton-Mudge making the cocktails.


Diageo Reserve Brands Summer Drinks

Client: Diageo Reserve Brands

Agency: RPM

Art Direction: Paul Greeno

Account handler: Matt James

Shot on location in Weybridge for the Diageo Reserve Brand portfolio. These shots are in 3’s, craft, ingredient and final finished drink.


Ballantine’s Whisky

Client: Ballantine’s Whisky

Agency: MC Saatchi Sports and Entertaiment

Creative: Clair Marshall

Gift packs, serves and mixing shots taken at Kosmopol Bar with Fredrik Olsson for UK PR usage.


The Wingfield

Client: The Wingfield

Agency: Pontoon

Art Direction: Simon Weston

Shot for the launch of this new gin aperitif. (more…)

Square Meal

Client: Monomax/ Square Meal Guide

Art Direction: Meg Georgeson

Shot on location in Soho for the annual Square Meal Guide


Johnnie Walker

Client: Diageo/Gold Label

Agency: RPM

Art Direction: Ryan Thomas

Shot at the Singapore Grand Prix to run alongside Johnnie Walker’s sponsorship of Formula One… Party on!














Johnnie Walker

Client: Diageo/ Johnnie Walker

Agency: LOVE Creative and RPM

Art Direction: Paul Greeno/ RPM – Chris Jeffreys/ LOVE

Producer: Jennifer Pattison

Prop Stylist: Tamsin Weston

Drinks Stylist: Tara Garnell


Savoy Hotel/ American Bar

Client: Savoy Hotel / American Bar

Really honoured to have been asked to shoot the new cocktail list devised by Erik Lorincz and Declan McGurk for the iconic American Bar at The Savoy, London.




Plymouth Gin

Client: Plymouth Gin

Art Direction: Sebastian Hamilton-Mudge


Sloe_Gin_&_Cheese_w1 Sloe_Royal_w1 Slyder_w1

London_Spritz_W1 Little_Pink_Flower_W1 Hackett_Autumn_G&T_w1 Golden_Rebirth_w1 Gin_&_It_W1 East_Indian_Clover_Club_W1

Wite_Lady_Egg_w1 White_Lady_No_Egg_w1 Corsands_Martini_W1

Blue Label/Gentleman’s Wager

Client: Blue Label Whisky

Agency: RPM

Art Direction: Paul Greeno

Project: Gentleman’s Wager

Shot in South Africa for the launch of Charles Joly’s Gentleman’s Wager cocktail.


Feeney’s Irish Cream Liqeur

Client: First Ireland Spirits/Feeney’s

Agency: Quintessential Brands


Feeneys_Bottle_2xServes_w2 Omaras_Irish_Coffee_w1 Feeneys_Espresso_Martini_w1 Feeneys_Bottle_w1


The Dublin Liberties

Client: The Dublin Liberties

Art Direction: Sinead OFrighil (more…)


Client: Imbibe

Art Direction: Meg Georgeson


Haig Club / Asia

Client: Diageo / Haig Club

Agency: Love Creative

Art Direction: Paul Shipley


Thomas Dakin Gin

Client: Thomas Dakin Gin

Agency: Quintessential Brands

Art Direction: David Hume


Buffalo Trace

Client: Hi-Spirits

Art Direction: Harri Pessoa de Araujo (more…)

Beefeater Crown Jewel

Client: Beefeater Crown Jewel

Art Direction: Seb Hamilton-Mudge/Shuhui Lim

Cocktail drinks strategy to go with the launch of Beefeater Crown Jewel Premium Dry Gin.


Chivas Regal Ultimate Cask Collection

Client: Chivas Regal 18 Ultimate Cask Collection

Art Direction: Anne-Charlotte Dhoste


Square Meal

Client: Square Meal

Art Direction: Adam Whyatt

Styling: Tara Garnell

Summer cocktail shoot, shot and drunk in my garden!



Client: Seedlip

Art Direction: Ben Branson

Great product, looks amazing and tastes great and is non-alcoholic. This distilled drink is surely set to revolutionise the non-alcoholic cocktail list.













Client: Baileys

Agency: Love Creative

Art Direction: Rob Sanderson


World Class Drinks

Client: Diageo/World Class

Agency: Love Creative

Art Direction: Nick Burton

Shot for the 2015 Diageo World Class bartending competition. Each serve is grouped in 3s, an ingredient shot, a craft shot then the final finished serve. Used for Global ABL and BTL advertising.


World Class Lifestyle


Johnnie Walker Blue Label


Gin Lane 1751




Client: Pepsi

Agency: RPM

Art Direction: Paul Greeno


Chivas Regal




Peroni Aperitivo

Client: Peroni

Agency: M&C Saatchi

Art Direction: Paul Hogarth



Client: Arla/Castello

Agency: BD Network

Art Direction: Andy Thirsk


Gallo Wines



Client: Lurpak

Agency: BD Network

Art Direction: Max Burgoyne







Square Meal 2015 Guide