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Bombay Sapphire – Home of Bombay

Heineken 0.0%
Old Mout Cider Alcohol Free
London Essence
Association of Photographers Awards – Commissioned Design Series Winner 2017

These shots won the Association of Photographers Awards Commisioned Design Series 2017.


Client – Seedlip

Chivas Icebreaker serve

Client  РChivas Regal

New Icebreaker serve from Chivas Regal.

De Kuyper/ Grant’s

Client – William Grant and Sons

Simple De Kuyper cocktails shot for various pub menus. Photographed in a studio to allow for many different crops on the final outputs.


Don Papa Rum

Time Out New York

Client – Time Out



New Cocktails for The American Bar, Savoy Hotel

These cocktails were created by American Bar head bartender Erik Lorincz and Manager Declan McGurk. The drinks were shot in the Presidential suite at the Savoy Hotel and are sure to make them one of the words bests bars for 2017.

Gordon’s Gin

Client: Diageo/ Gordon’s Gin


Proximo Sprits Portfolio




The London Essence

Client: Wisehead/ The London Essence

Shot for the launch of The London Essence Tonics (more…)

Marylebone Gin

Client: Halewood International/ Marylebone Gin


Haig Club

Client: Diageo – Haig Club/ Haig Clubman

Agency: PMK BNC

Art Direction: Tom Usher

Shot on location in a London bar for Haig Club’s social media channels.




Client: Pampero Rum

Agency: Mullen Lowe

Art Direction: Gary Majoram (more…)

Johnnie Walker/ Asprey

Client: Johnnie Walker

7 of these beauties were made by Asprey and are on sale in Harrods for 8k each.


Remy Martin

Client: Remy Martin


Buffalo Trace

Client: Hi Spirits/ Buffalo Trace


Scapegrace Dry Gin





Haig Club Clubman

Client: Haig Club Clubman

Agency: Adam & Eve

Art Direction: Kendal Drake

Account: Daniel Moorey

Shot in Shoreditch (sadly not Miami as the skyline suggests) for the ABL advertising of the new Haig Club Clubman.


Haig Club Clubman

Client: Haig Club Clubman

Agency: Love Creative

Art Direction: Helen Lazzari

Account: Ines Rollason

Shot for the launch of Haig Club Clubman.


Maybourne Hotels/ Berkeley Hotel

Client: Maybourne Hotels

Shot for the launch of the new cocktail list at The Berkeley Hotel, London.


Hendricks Gin

Client: William Grant & Sons/ Hendricks Gin

Agency: 1751

Creative: Vaughan Yates

Drinks Styling: Duncan McRea

New Drinks strategy for Hendricks and each drink has a true story associated with it. The only client I’ve ever shot for that wanted a dead mouse in the shot!

















Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Client: Diageo/ Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Agency: RPM

Art Direction: Ryan Thomas

Creatives: Kim Briggs and Sarah Geldhart

Account Director: Alice Libaudiere

Direct descendants of Johnnie Walker himself were asked to model for the JW Father’s Day campaign.


Chivas Regal 12/ LSTN

Client: Chivas Regal 12

Shot for Chivas 12’s recent collaboration with LSTN headphones. (more…)


Client: Schweppes

Agency: Epoch Design

Creative: Chris Yeates

Senior Account Manager: Ben Brown


Plymouth Gin

Client: Plymouth Gin

Shot at the Beefeater distillery, Kennington with Plymouth Gin brand ambassador Seb Hamilton-Mudge making the cocktails.


Greenalls Gin

Client: Greenalls Gin

Agency: Quintessential Brands

Creative: Sam Chandler

Shot for the launch of Grenalls Gin and Tonic in cans.


Square Meal

Client: Monomax/ Square Meal Guide

Art Direction: Meg Georgeson

Shot on location in Soho for the annual Square Meal Guide