Beefeater Gin August 29, 2014

Client: Pernod Ricard / Beefeater Gin

A great few days at the Beefeater distillery bar in Vauxhall. Tim Stones mixing the drinks and Seb Hamilton-Mudge taking a massive ear bashing from me on the styling.

Tropical_Gimlet Tripple_Citrus_Cordial_2
Thyme_Will_Tell The_Italian_Job Smoky_Lady Savoy_Lady Ruby_G_&_Tonic Royal_St_Clemance Rhubarb_Martini Punch_Through_the_ages Pineapple_Smash_1
Next_Word Negroni Montford_Snapper Mi_Lang_Negroni Martini_K-Ya Mango_Lassie London_Garden_Cooler London_Garden_&_Tonic Limmers Latin_Snapper Kyoto_Colada Jasmine_Garden_2 Jasmine_Garden_1 Japanese_Orchard Indian_Summer
Green_Tea_Martini Green_Goddess_2
GLT Ginsing_Tonic Gin_&_Tonic Garden_Punch Fruitcake_Flip Fruit_Cup