Rob Lawson



On my art foundation course I met a really inspiring photography tutor, Richard Peregrine. He taught me for 2 years and I then  studied photography at Blackpool College. At 21 I embarked on my photography life in London.

Initially I worked full time as a studio assistant at Holborn Studios. After getting sacked (unfairly in my view!) I went freelance and assisted everyone from dodgy porn photographers to Terry O’Neil, Terrance Donovan and George Logan.

A motorbike accident brought an abrupt end to my assisting career and forced me to eventually go on my own as a photographer. In 1997 I started working for a drinks magazine called CLASS (Cocktails, Liquors and Speciality Spirits). It was an alcohol focused magazine and way before it’s time… and it kick-started the cocktail culture we know today. A few issues in and I realised I’d found my niche, as I loved the drinks industry and the people within it.

Nearly 2 decades on, shooting on location and from my studio in London, I’ve worked with all the major drinks brands in the world and love it even more!