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The Glenlivet

Client: The Glenlivet




Personal project looking at effervescence on top of different drinks.

Gin and Tonic


CÎROC French Vanilla

Shot at Sketch for the launch of CÎROC’S new flavour.


Client – Seedlip


Dubliner Whisky


Chivas Icebreaker serve

Client  – Chivas Regal

New Icebreaker serve from Chivas Regal.

Espresso Martini Festival

Shot for Mr. Black’s Espresso Martini Festival.

AOP Awards Finalist 2017

These shots have been selected for the Association of Photographers Awards 2017.

Greenall’s Gin

Shot for the launch of the new 1 litre bottle for travel retail.

De Kuyper/ Grant’s

Client – William Grant and Sons

Simple De Kuyper cocktails shot for various pub menus. Photographed in a studio to allow for many different crops on the final outputs.


Seedlip at The American Bar

Seedlip serves at The American Bar

José Cuervo

Bloom Strawberry Cup



Don Papa Rum

Aqua Shard

A selection of cocktails for the new menu developed by Luca Misaglia. These drinks were photographed on the 32 floor at the crack of  dawn #veryearlystart



Tanqueray No.10 and Tanqueray Export

Shot to support the recent campaign seen around UK for Tanqueray Export and Tanqueray No.10



Marylebone Gin

Marylebone Gin Lifesyle and cutouts.



Time Out New York

Client – Time Out



Naked Grouse

Cutouts shot for Naked Grouse whisky.

CÎROC Summer Colada

Client – CÎROC

Agency – Katlist

Art Direction – Livi Akers

Summer drinks shot on the rooftop of Aqua restaurant for the launch of CÎROC Summer Colada.


Talisker/ Oliver Sweeney

A colaboration between Talisker Whisky and Oliver Sweeney produced these £600 boots. They have a hip flask on the left boot and a compass on the right.




London Essence Tonics

Studio cocktail shoot for the launch of The London Essence Sodas.


New Cocktails for The American Bar, Savoy Hotel

These cocktails were created by American Bar head bartender Erik Lorincz and Manager Declan McGurk. The drinks were shot in the Presidential suite at the Savoy Hotel and are sure to make them one of the words bests bars for 2017.

Naked Grouse

Client: Naked Grouse

Agency: Scotch + Limon

Seedlip Garden 108

Shot for Seedlip Garden 108.




Client: Guinness

Agency – Iris


Greenall’s Gin

Shot for the launch of the new Greenall’s Gin bottle


Chivas Regal Extra

Shot for Chivas Extra




Hayman’s Gin

Client – Hayman’s Gin

Haig Club

Shot for Haig Club’s social media. (more…)

Diageo Reserve Winter Serves

Client – Diageo Reserve Brands


Gordon’s Gin

Client: Diageo/ Gordon’s Gin


Gordon’s Gin

Client: Diageo/ Gordon’s Gin



Proximo Sprits Portfolio




The London Essence

Client: Wisehead/ The London Essence

Shot for the launch of The London Essence Tonics (more…)

Marylebone Gin

Client: Halewood International/ Marylebone Gin


Haig Club





Haig Club

Client: Diageo – Haig Club/ Haig Clubman

Agency: PMK BNC

Art Direction: Tom Usher

Shot on location in a London bar for Haig Club’s social media channels.



Halewood International Portfolio

Client – Halewood International



Ritorno Restaurant

Shot for the launch of Ritorno Restaurant and bar

Southern Comfort

Client: Southern Comfort


Client: Pampero Rum

Agency: Mullen Lowe

Art Direction: Gary Majoram (more…)

Johnnie Walker/ Asprey

Client: Johnnie Walker

7 of these beauties were made by Asprey and are on sale in Harrods for 8k each.


Plymouth Gin Tool Kit

Client: Plymouth Gin (more…)

Remy Martin

Client: Remy Martin


Buffalo Trace

Client: Hi Spirits/ Buffalo Trace


Scapegrace Dry Gin





Haig Club Clubman

Client: Haig Club Clubman

Agency: Adam & Eve

Art Direction: Kendal Drake

Account: Daniel Moorey

Shot in Shoreditch (sadly not Miami as the skyline suggests) for the ABL advertising of the new Haig Club Clubman.


Haig Club Clubman

Client: Haig Club Clubman

Agency: Love Creative

Art Direction: Helen Lazzari

Account: Ines Rollason

Shot for the launch of Haig Club Clubman.